Wind Ensemble FEES: None. Yay! Donations to the good of the organization are welcome. Any donations received will be used to purchase music, percussion instruments, or accessories (music stands, etc...).
T-shirts: Our awesome t-shirt with the logo on the back is available for you to purchase for $20. It is acceptable to wear this t-shirt for our performances if you want to.
Concert/Recital Attire: Modest Black. This means black top, black bottom, black shoes. The modest part means “short sleeves” or to the elbow (or beyond) and if skirts are preferred, they must cover the knees WHILE SEATED. Easy stuff… doesn't need to be fancy, just black. Can be CYW t-shirt.
Rehearsals: Attendance is important. Please treat your commitment with respect and know you will be missed if you cannot make it. Please email or text me if you are unable to make it to rehearsal. It goes without saying that if you miss too many rehearsals, we will have to discuss if you are prepared to perform. Lets just not go there… come to rehearsal!
Community Service Hours: Will be counted for the Concerts/Recitals and Church Service Accompaniment. This will equal approximately 3 hours per semester.

Upcoming Performance Dates

A High School Ensemble for the Charleston Community

CHECK BACK FOR: 2018-2019 Performance and Service Dates

We welcome all players of woodwinds, brass, percussion, and advanced strings in 8th-12th grade

with two or more years of playing experience to join us!

Charleston Youth Winds

Our mission is to be...

... An opportunity for young artists to continue their interest in music and playing their instrument.

... A community ensemble with regular weekly rehearsals that desires a commitment from all players.

... A group of individuals with common respect toward rehearsals, preparation, practice, and each other.

... Performing a Fall and Spring recital for family, friends, and the community. 

... Grateful for our primary sponsor, Christ Church, and will accompany 2-3 worship services per year.

​... Playing for personal enjoyment and FUN!